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World League Prelims – Hungary wins after penalties, Italy beats Montenegro

There were two huge games in the Tuesday's edition of the World League European Prelims and both turned out to be great. Hungary beat Germany, but only after penalties, while Italy managed to beat Montenegro with one goal. Group A Germany - Hungary 14-15 (1-2, 5-5, 4-4, 2-1, 4-5) The two sides were neck

Everybody gets into the pool!

We are following a lot of exciting happenings week after week. However, beyond the battlefields the water polo is much more. That is why our column turns out in every two weeks, called: “Everybody gets into the pool”. It is about to gather you the greatest goals and funniest scenes

Power ranking: LEN Champions League

After each Champions League round, we show you what happened to each team in our top10 and we recalculate our rankings. 1. Pro Recco (Last edition's standing: 1) They are still unbeaten in the pool this year, they look unbeatable at the moment. They probably will stay here until the middle of