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Women’s World League Super Finals – Only 5 days left!

Next week from Tuesday until Sunday, 4-9 June, the world's best women's teams will compete in Duna Arena in Budapest, Hungary at the World League Super Finals. In group A: Netherlands, Australia, Italy, China In group B: Hungary, United States, Russia, Canada Duna Aréna (FINA) Schedule Program A Group Matches  Round 1, 4 June, Tuesday Russia - Canada

Waterpolo History #1

Origins The earliest known documentation of modern water polo can be traced back to the late19th century. Scottish man William Wilson is renowned for his contributions to aquatic development. First, as a swimming coach, Wilson developed revolutionary techniques on efficiency and safety. Second, as an iconoclastic engineer; however, he created what

The Hungarian Men’s National Team Lineup for Summer 2019

Considering that two major competitions (World League Super Finals and World Championships) are around the corner, Hungarian Men's National team head coach, Tamás Märcz announced the lineup of 27 members for the summer. The head coach gained experience over the year when the program developed similarly: the team was on home

LEN Men’s Champions League 101

What is LEN Men's Champions League? The LEN Champions League is the top-tier European professional water polo club competition from up to 18 different countries. It has gone through several name changes since its foundation in 1963. Names include such as Champions Cup, Champions League, LEN Euroleague and its current name, LEN Champions League. Some

Márton Vámos: Getting ready for Hannover and the World Championships

After FTC won the third round of the National League Finals series, and became back-to-back champions, we interviewed Márton Vámos to tell us how the team prepares for Hannover and how he gets ready for the FINA World Championships as a national team member. WPNews: How was the teamwork? Márton Vámos (MV):

Kids Summer Camp at Stanford University

For registration, click here. For more details, FAQs, etc. click here. To get in touch, contact Susan Ortwein at +1(650)725-9016 or Girls Summer Camps Registration is now open!!! Important The Instructional Camp and Water Polo Festival are two separate camps but designed to BE TAKEN TOGETHER. About 90% of campers sign up for both camps, yet