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UVSE is an OB I/B Champion

UVSE Vízilabda

The OB I/B (Hungarian National Championships) tournament series ended this weekend in Hungary. USVE bet BVSC 18-6, and in the finals TVE awaited for them in their pool in District III. TVE bet Eger 13-8 and this made them get into the finals.

Dóra and Hanna Kisteleki started really well, scoring 4 goals for BVSC, but UVSE scored 7 goals in a row (out of which 4 was Panni Szegedi’s) winning 20-11. 

During the previous season, the young team of A-list OB I proved their aptitude again under coach Bertalan Áts whom Vince Csicsáky substituted at the training camp in Montenegro. The team became a champion with a 100-percent performance. BVSC got a bronze medal against Eger.

Women’s OB I/B

TVE of District III –UVSE-Hunguest Hotels 11-20
For 3rd place
BVSC-Zugló–ZF-Eger 11-10
For 5th place
Hungerit-Szentes–A-Híd-OSC-Újbuda 2-11
For 7th place
Polo SC–Hódmezővásárhely 9-11