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Attila Bíró Sets Goals for the Hungarian Women’s National Team


Because the fall season is mainly about club teams, Attila Bíró wants more team work. This should be important even if the club season is full, and they should meet at least once a week, or biweekly spend a day or two together.

It seems that the fall and winter schedule are coming along for the team.

According to the head coach – although the drawing has not happened – on 16 November, the team will attend the World League. Then, a match that is supposed to happen in December is pushed back to March 2020 due to a training camp abroad.

Attila Bíró’s schedule include an international tournament with the Chinese and Greek team right after their Hungarian Cup Final 4 tournament (7-8 December). Bíró Attila tervei szerint az edzőtáborba a december 7-8-i Magyar Kupa négyes döntője után már másnap indulna a női vízilabda-válogatott, és

Overall, the team will have about 4 to 5 weeks to prepare due to the busy club season and other events, and he wants to have trainings during the day as well so they don’t need to start everything from zero.

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