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BENU Cup – Day 1

Today, on 30 June, the 3-day long BENU Cup has started. U20 teams of Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro were invited to Margaret Island, Budapest to compete against each other, and the national teams of Hungary, the Netherlands, France and Greece will compete.

On Day 1, the U20 teams of Serbia and Montenegro were the first ones to start the cup. Montenegro bet the Serbian team 16-10. Historically, the national teams of Montenegro and Serbia are two of the best teams in the world, and the U20 also showed a tough game. Today, Montenegro played better.

The second match was between the national teams of Greece and the Netherlands. The Greek won 11-7. The score was similar in the first quarter, then Greece continued to score more whereas the Dutch mainly hit the post or the opponent blocked the shots well.

At the mid-day match, the U20 teams of Serbia and Hungary played. Hungary U20 bet the Serbia U20 team 9-10. The game was very exciting; the guys took everything very seriously during the game. A tough game with great results as both teams performed well. There were several penalties due to the new rules, so tactics were built on them. Today Hungary U20 was the better team.

The highlight of the day was the Hungarian-French match as Hungary is preparing for the World Championships, and this is the team’s last preparation session in the country. France was an easy opponent to play with, but the team showed a great game. As mentioned before, due to the new rules, it seems that teams are building tactics on the 5-meter penalties, so the Hungary-France match had several penalty shots as well. Overall, Hungary won the match 14-6. 

Interview with Nenad Vukanic, head coach of France, here.

Tomorrow’s schedule
Monday, 1 July

9:00 HUN U20 MNE U20
16:30 GRE FRA
18:00 SRB U20 MNE U20
19:30 HUN NED

Photos: Vanda Orosz (WPNews)

For more photos, click here. (by Olívia Nagy/WPNews)