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BENU Cup – Final Day

The last day of the BENU Cup was a full house.

The first match today was between Hungary U20 against Serbia U20. Hungary won over Serbia 10-7 now having 2 wins. The guys did a great job, and it was not easy to determine which team is better – they all were fighting hard to be the winner. This time Hungary proved to be better.

The first game in the afternoon was between France and the Netherlands. France was leading the game when the Netherlands caught up. What seemed to be an easy win for France, it wasn’t. They played well, but the Dutch team was always equalizing. The game finished with a  12-11 for France.

Then Hungary U20 met with Montenegro U20. This game was also intense. Hungary took the lead early on, and seemed through the entire the game that they could win the match. However, with an unlucky offense, they missed the chance of scoring a goal whereas Montenegro did. This ended the game 9-8 for Montenegro.

Hungary got into the pool with Greece competing for the gold medal. The pool was full of spectators. It was expected the game to be difficult as both teams are great. The Hungarians were leading by 2, then 3 goals when Greece caught up and equalized. In the end, still Hungary was the better team during this game, with a score of 8-7.

The results
First place: Hungary

Second place: Montenegro

National teams:
1. Hungary
2. Greece
3. The Netherlands

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Photos by Vanda Orosz (WPNews)
Click here for more photos by Olívia Nagy/WPNews.