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Bundesliga: Expected Wins By Spandau, Esslingen and Duisburg

Results of Bundesliga Day 1

The first match of the day was between SSV Esslingen and SV Ludwigsburg. Team Esslingen bet their opponent with a final score of 18-13 (4-3, 3-3, 6-2, 5-5). After a thrilling first half, the victory in the end was well-deserved. SSVE coach Janusz Gogola said that he is satisfied with the win. He also added “the new rules of the game have been implemented very well by the team. We need to involve our young talents even more in our tactics. But we still have enough time in the upcoming games. In my opinion, this is great start of the season.”

Spandau 04‘s win against OSC Potsdam was determined from the second quarter. Despite the clear 19-10 (3-3, 4-2, 5-1, 7-4) loss against Spandau, OSC Potsdam left a positive impression on themselves. Head coach, Ferdinand Korbel stated that they have proven themselves and that “in the first half we played extremely well together.” The first quarter ended with an equal score of 3-3. From the second quarter, OSC Potsdam lost control on the defensive side, and in just under five minutes, they got four scores (3-7). By half-time, the score was 5-7. While Potsdam earned a total of 4 goals in the last quarter, Spandau scored 7 making them secure their win.

ASC Duisburg won the game against SG Neukolln 16-11. Duisburg was leading through the entire game, but during the first two quarters, the score was close. Duisburg really took off in the second half of the game after scoring 3 and 6 goals respectively compared to Neukolln’s 1 and 5.

The last match, Waspo Hannover 98 contra White Sharks Hannover was postponed.


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