“Sometimes I go out of control, but I always would like to serve FTC”

It took about roughly six years to build FTC's men's waterpolo team from the ground that won the first Champions League title in the club's 120-year old history. Olympic champion Zsolt Varga's team won a championship again last year after 18 years, and during this season they were able to

LEN Men’s Champions League Final 8 – Interviews

These past three days of the Champions League Final 8 tournament was a tough journey for the teams as there was only once chance to win against a team to finish at a higher place. What did matter was when a team won or lost. For example, CNAB had 1

LEN Men’s Champions League Final 8 – Finals: FTC is the Winner!

FTC and defending champion team Olympiacos were competing for the 2019 Champions League title. In the last game of the Final 8 tournament in Hannover, Germany, FTC beat 2018 champion Olympiacos after penalty shootout 14-13. FTC (2017 and 2018 Euro Cup winner) had never played in the Champions League Finals before

LEN Men’ s Champions League Final 8 Day 2- A Win for Jug Dubrovnik

Croatia's water polo team, Jug Dubrovnik lost to FTC yesterday, but today defeated Italian BPM Sport Management in the 5th to 8th place scoring 11-8 (0-1, 5-3, 1-1, 5-3). With this victory, the Jugs reserved the opportunity to fight tomorrow for the 5th place in the Champions League Final 8

Champions League Final 8 Day 2 – Defending Champ Olympiacos makes it to the Finals

After going down 1-0 in the first minute of play, the Erythrolefki scored four unanswered goals to take a 4-1 lead and eventually found themselves ahead 5-3 after the conclusion of the first period of play. After the second period, Olympiacos maintained a solid 8-6 lead. Two early goals in

LEN Men’s Champions League Day 2 – Phenomenal Win by FTC

The FTC team won 9-7 over Barceloneta, and they are about to play their first Champions League final game their history on Saturday.   After winning the first match against Jug Dubrovnik 10-9 on Thursday, playing with Barceloneta was a defining moment whether or not they get into the Finals. CNA Barceloneta

Champins League Final 8 Day 2 – Waspo 98 Fails Against AN Brescia

The trouble is big at Waspo 98: Not only because they only play for seventh place on Saturday, but much more, because the referee performance in the defeat caused AN Brescia for excitement. Vanda Orosz (WPNews) There were quite a few fouls in a real defensive battle. Waspo was punished more than