Split will host the 2022 European Water Polo Championships

2018 Oct 13

The LEN Bureau has just decided (at its meeting in Amsterdam) that Split (Croatia) can host the 2022 edition of the European Water Polo Championships. The event will be held in the magnificent Spaladium Arena, a multipurpose facility where some 9,000 spectators can be accommodated once the temporary pools are set up. (In the top […]

Hungarian NL 1 Preview – Four excellent team with one goal, the toughest championship of the past years is coming

2018 Oct 01

Two days left until the Hungarian National League 1 2018/19 (OB I) first sprint on Wednesday (October 3rd). In the previous season, Ferencváros (FTC-PQS) has won the title after eighteen years. The green-white team is on its way to qualify for the group stages of the LEN Champions League, while the ZF-Eger and Szolnoki Dózsa […]

Women’s World Cup – Resurrecting Russians, dominant Americans

2018 Sep 04

The first day of the FINA Women’s Water Polo World Cup in Surgut has just finished. Eight teams, two knock-out games and two tough matches. Spain lost the derby against Russia, while the USA and Canada scored eighteen goals each. Results, Day 1: Group A Australia – China 11-8 (2-0; 3-3; 2-4; 4-1) Top scorers: […]

New rule amendments only for the World Cups

2018 Sep 04

After the successful application of the rule amendments by the FINA and TWPC (Technical Water Polo Committee) at the summer’s events some changes still upcoming for the FINA Women’s and Men’s Water Polo World Cup. In this article you can find these and the whole document (link). Rules Amendment Proposal #12 – Only apply for […]

Review: Spain, the unbeaten winner

2018 Sep 02

Spain deservedly reached the gold medal at the 4th FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championships, after they scored 8 goals against Italy and conceded only 7. The Greek team finished at the 3rd place, while the title holder Russians reached the 8th.   Day 7, Results:   For the 7th place:   Russia – USA 6-10 […]

U19 EC Men – Greece won the European Championships!

2018 Sep 02

The LEN’s Men European U19 Water Polo Championships came to an end. After the placement games it is turned out that Greece’s underage squad became the winner of the tournament deservedly, while Spain reached the bronze medal.   Results:   For the 7th place: Hungary – Russia 9-6 (1-1; 2-1; 1-0; 5-4)   Top scorers: Botond […]

Review: Spain and Italy are in the final

2018 Sep 02

After the semi-finals of the 4th FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championships here is the review. Italy and Spain will face each other for the gold medal, while the title holder Russians lost against Hungary, as they will finish at the 7th or 8th position. Day 6, Results: Kazakhstan finished 11th, after they beat Uzbekistan […]

Kazakhstan won the Asian Games

2018 Sep 01

After a very close match, in the last quarter Kazakhstan finally answered the questions and won against the Japanese team. Iran got the 3rd place after penalties against China.   The 2018 Asian Games was held at GBK Aquatic Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 16th August until 1th September. Asia’s best ten teams took part […]

Review: Italy won the toughest quarter-final

2018 Sep 01

Here is the review of the quarter-finals of the 4th FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championships. Only four nations have the chance to win the title. USA and Hungary will play for the 5-8th places. Spain – Hungary 13-10 (4-2, 5-2; 2-5, 2-1) Top scorers: Mireia Guiral (4) and Janka Kata Utassy, Luca Petovari […]

U19 EC Men – Four teams have the chance to win the tournament

2018 Aug 31

From 26th August to 2nd September Minsk is the host of the Men’s U19 European Water Polo Championships. After the preliminary stages and play-off games, the placement matches, and the semi-finals are still to go. This year Belarus welcomes Europe’s best male junior water polo players. Starting in 1970, the LEN European U19 Water Polo […]