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World Championships: Men’s Preliminary Round 2

Today was the second day of Men's preliminary rounds. The first match was conducted between Australia and Kazakhstan. Australia is a strong team, and Kazakhstan has proved to be a quickly improving team. The final score was 17-8. Then, the U.S. and Croatia measured themselves. The U.S. is a great team, but

World Championships: Men’s Preliminary Round 1

Today, 16 teams competed in the Preliminary rounds. The first two teams competing were Serbia and Montenegro. If anyone though the game was expected to be tough, they were right. The teams finished the game with a score of 10-10. Next up was the Republic of Korea against Greece. Greece is also

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Men’s Finals

Today, at 11am the Russian Federation and Hungary had a bronze match where Hungary beat Russia 23-22. Then, the gold medal match seemed to be an easy win for host Italy against the United States. The final score was 18-7. The winner team (photo: Federnuoto) The final result: 1. Italy 2. United States 3. Hungary 4. Russian

LEN Women’s U15 European Championships – Spain Won the Finals

The Finals have just finished. First, Greece and the Netherlands met for a bronze medal match. The final score was 12-7 for Greece. Then, Russian and Spain competed for the gold medal. By the end of the 4th quarter, the score was 10-10, and penalties decided who won. Spain won the penalties

World Championships 2019 – Gwangju, South Korea

The FINA World Championships has started! While it's only been three days since the Opening Ceremony, medals in Artistic Swimming (synchronized swimming), Diving, Open Water Swimming were awarded. Congratulations to all medalists! Since the water polo schedule is the longest as there are multiple preliminary rounds, here is a breakdown of who

LEN Women’s U15 European Championships – Day 6

The U15 European Championship are coming to a close. Today, the matches were for 10-11th, 9-10th place and Semifinals 5-8. In the first match, Serbia and the Czech Republic competed, and Serbia won 10-9. Serbia finished 11th, and the Czech Republic finished 12th place at the tournament. Then, Slovakia lost to Israel

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Men’s Quarterfinals

The men's Universiade also met for the quarterfinals. The first two teams were Russian and Australia. The Russian won 13-7, getting into the Semi-finals. The next teams were the US and Croatia where Croatia lost 11-12 in a tight match. Croatia will play for 5-8th place, while the US is in the

LEN Women’s European U15 Championships – Day 3

Today has marked the third day of LEN Women's European U15 Championships. Serbia beat Israel in a close match of 9-8. The Italian team won Slovakie 25-3. Phot: The Dutch team won over France 15-7. Then, Turkey lost to the Czech Republic 7-11. Finally, Russian won again over Croatia 22-3.   Tomorrow's schdule, 10 July, is the

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Men’s Prelims – Day 6

The men's preliminary rounds also continued. Today, the United States and the Russian Federation from Group A competed first. The U.S. won 13-8. Both teams got into the quarterfinals, and the U.S. will play with Croatia while Russia will play with a team that wins Round 16 tomorrow, 9 July. Photo: Ken