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LEN Women’s U15 European Championships – Spain Won the Finals

The Finals have just finished. First, Greece and the Netherlands met for a bronze medal match. The final score was 12-7 for Greece. Then, Russian and Spain competed for the gold medal. By the end of the 4th quarter, the score was 10-10, and penalties decided who won. Spain won the penalties

LEN Women’s U15 European Championships – Day 6

The U15 European Championship are coming to a close. Today, the matches were for 10-11th, 9-10th place and Semifinals 5-8. In the first match, Serbia and the Czech Republic competed, and Serbia won 10-9. Serbia finished 11th, and the Czech Republic finished 12th place at the tournament. Then, Slovakia lost to Israel

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Day 8 – Women’s Semifinals

The University Games is still going on in Naples. The water polo teams are also getting closer to the Finals. Today, six groups competed, four of them are in the Semifinals. The first two teams up were France and the Czech Republic for 9th place. France won the match 22-10, and

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Women’s Quarterfinals

Today, 8 women's teams competed in the quarterfinals. First up was Canada agains the United States. The Canadian team beat the US in a close match of 10-9. Canada is now in the Semifinals, and the US will play for 5-8th place. The second match was between Hungary and Australia. The finals

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Prelims – Day 7

Tuesday, 9 July marked the seventh day of Univerisade in water polo. Only four women's teams competed in Round 16, a step before the quarterfinals. At 5:30,teams of France and China got in the pool, and China beat France 12-1. This means China is now in the quarterfinals, and France will

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Women’s Prelims – Day 6

8 July marked the sixth day of preliminary rounds for women's water polo. The first match was between Hungary and Canada. The Hungarian team played well, beating Canada 16-7. Hungary beat France (17-3), Czech Republic (22-5) and Japan (18-7) before, so with no losses, they made their way into the quartefinals

Naples 2019 – Universiade – Women’s Prelims – Day 5

Today marked the fifth day of the women's teams matches. Photo: First up was the Czech Republic against Canada from Group A. The game was in Canada's favor, finishing the match 8-23. Still in Group A, Japan was a piece of cake for women's team Hungary finishing the game 18-7. Hungary has