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LEN Men’s Champions League Final 8 – Interviews

These past three days of the Champions League Final 8 tournament was a tough journey for the teams as there was only once chance to win against a team to finish at a higher place. What did matter was when a team won or lost. For example, CNAB had 1

Champins League Final 8 Day 2 – Waspo 98 Fails Against AN Brescia

The trouble is big at Waspo 98: Not only because they only play for seventh place on Saturday, but much more, because the referee performance in the defeat caused AN Brescia for excitement. Vanda Orosz (WPNews) There were quite a few fouls in a real defensive battle. Waspo was punished more than

Champions League Final 8 Day 1 – Waspo loses, Pro Recco is in the Semifinals

Waspo kept up well for a long time but ultimately lost to the favorite Pro Recco. The host was leading 2-0 in the first quarter, making a furious start against the superstars of Pro Recco. Later, when Pro Recco scored 4 goals in a row, Waspo did not give up the game.

Waspo 98 Hannover Terminates Contract with Alex Giorgetti Abortively

Hungarian-born Italian Alex Giorgetti, who currently plays for Waspo 96 Hannover is no longer part of the team. On Thursday, 6 June, Europe's Champions League Final 8 begins in Hannover's Stadiumbad. Host team Waspo 98 separated shortly before from the former Italian world champion Alex Giorgetti. Florian Petrow (Sportbuzzer) Waspo coach Karsten Seehafer

Final 8 in Hannover

The LEN Champions League will take place from 6 June starting at 3pm to 8 June at 10:00pm UTC+02 in Hannover, Germany. The preliminary rounds were spread across Europe in Hungary, Italy, Russia, Croatia, Germany and Greece. After intense matches, the final results are the following: ZF Eger (Hungary) 10-16 CNA Barceloneta (Spain) AN Brescia (Italy) 13-9 Steaua