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Diapolo Cup on Margaret Island

Before the World Championships in South Korea, Diapolo Cup (previously known as Vodafone Cup) will be held in Budapest on Margaret Island between 26-28 June 2019. Italy's, the Netherland's, Hungary's women's national team and Hungary's Universiade team will play. The Hungarian Water Polo Federation invites fans to the free event. There

Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Australia finishes 5th, Hungary follows

Hungary and Australia fought for the 5th place of the tournament on the last day. The first quarter went well for the hosting team, they took a two goal lead (3-1) but the Aussies were able to work down the gap a little by the end of the period (3-2). Olivia

Interview with Dorottya Szilágyi on the game againts China

The host of this year's Women's World League Superfinals played againts China yeasterday for a chance to finish on the 5th place of this tournament. Hungary won in a game that got really tight in the end. We spoke with the MVP of the match, Dorottya Szilágyi about the curious

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Hungary wins againts China

Day 5 brought the long awaited Semifinals of the competition. But before the best four teams had the chance to play againts each other the remaining for fought for the places between 5th and 8th. The teams of Hungary and China were the first to jump into the pool and

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – The Netherlands wins Quarterfinal againts Hungary

Hungary and the Netherlands swim off when the first whistle was blown in the third game of the quarterfinals. The Dutch started the game with some strong attacks but Edina Gangl made sure that the net remained untuched by the ball. Soon enough the team's strikers had a chance to

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Hungary wins it’s first match in the competition

In the last match of Group B the teams were racing for the 3rd place of the group. Neither Hungary nor Canada has won a game before this match. Hungary was standing without a point on the last position of the group while Canada had the 3rd place with a

Attila Bíró: “We have to work on our defense for the next two games.”

The Hungarian Women's Water Polo Team played againts Russia in the second group stage of the World League Superfinals. Hungary lost the game to 14-9 and we asked the team's head coach, Attila Bíró about his toughts on the match. Bíró was generally satisfied with his team's offense since they