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Diapolo Cup on Margaret Island

Before the World Championships in South Korea, Diapolo Cup will be held in Budapest on Margaret Island between 26-28 June 2019. Italy's, the Netherland's, Hungary's women's national team and Hungary's Universiade team will play. The Hungarian Water Polo Federation invites fans to the free event. There is only registration needed that

The USA wins the 2019 FINA Women’s World League Superfinal

The Superfinal of 2019's FINA Water Polo Women's World League has arrived. The USA came to the arena as the defending champion of the trophy. They won five years in a row until this point and won the League twelve times overall. Italy's best result in this competition was a

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy earns it’s place in the final

The USA won the first Semifinal game, their place was a sure thing in the finale of the competition. Naturally they will need an opponent for tomorrow's game so the second Semifinal game was held in order to decide who will play againts them for the golden medal. Russia faced

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy ascends to the Semifinals

UPDATE: The last quarter of the game had to be replayed due to technical reasons. The offical final score for the game is 15-10 to Italy's favor. This of course doesn't change the lineup of the Semifinals since Italy also won the game before the replay. Italy and Canada faced each other

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy wins Group A after match againts China

In the last game of Day 3 China played againts Italy. The former being the in the last in Group A and the latter being the first, this was a game without real stakes. If anything, both teams needs to be in their best forms for tommorrow's quarterfinal so it

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy wins in tense game againts the Netherlands

Netherlands and Italy, the two leaders of Group A faced off againts each other on the second day of the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Superfinals. It was clear that both teams wanted this victory or what's more, they really tried to avoid losing. Therefore the first quarter of

Women’s Water Polo World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy wins the last game of Day 1

We had the opportunity to see Austraila play againts Italy in the last match of the first day in the Women's World League Superfinal competition. The Australian players started off the game confidently, gaining a considerable amount of lead. Italy fought hard to chip down the difference, the first quarter's