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Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Australia finishes 5th, Hungary follows

Hungary and Australia fought for the 5th place of the tournament on the last day. The first quarter went well for the hosting team, they took a two goal lead (3-1) but the Aussies were able to work down the gap a little by the end of the period (3-2). Olivia

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Australia defeats Canada

In today's second match for the chance to play for fifth place, Australia played againts Canada. After a series of unplesent games, the Canadians really wanted to prove for the audiance and mainly for themselves what they can really do. Olivia Nagy (wpnews) The first quarter showed exactly this determinations from the

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Russia wins it’s place in the Semifinals

We have reached the quarterfinals of the FINA Women's World League Superfinal 2019. The first game was played between the teams of Australia and Russia. In the first quarter the Russians dominated the pool scoring 3 goals while the Aussies only managed to sqeeze in one. The final score for

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Netherlands defeats Australia in tight game

The second game of Day 3 saw the battle between the Netherlands and Austraila. With both teams standing with 3 points in Group A this was a match where victory was exceptionally important for both teams. Winning this game wasn't necessarily ment the first place in the group since Italy

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Day 2 kicks off with Austraila againts China

The second day of the FINA Women's Water Polo World League Superfinals saw the Australian team face off againts China. Both teams desperately needed to win today as they didn't gain any points on their first group matches yesterday. The Aussies started off the first quarter strongly, scoring two goals

Women’s Water Polo World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy wins the last game of Day 1

We had the opportunity to see Austraila play againts Italy in the last match of the first day in the Women's World League Superfinal competition. The Australian players started off the game confidently, gaining a considerable amount of lead. Italy fought hard to chip down the difference, the first quarter's

Women’s World Cup – The USA won the third consecutive title, Australia gained the bronze

The sixth day with the placement games, bronze medal match and final of the FINA Women’s Water Polo World Cup have just finished. Australia beat Spain in a tough battle for the third place, while the USA knocked out the hosts and still dominates the women’s water polo. Day 6, Results Games