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Men’s World League Super Final – Fun Facts

Now that the World League is over, we have collected some fun facts of the tournament. the top scorer was Japan's Inaba Yusuke with 26 goals. The Hungarian national team scored 73 goals, and received 61. team Spain's goalkeeper, Lopez Pinedo scored a goal for Spain that you can watch

Men’s World League Super Finals – The fate of place 5th to 8th is decided

Before we go into the main event the final placement of the quarterfinal losing teams had to be decided. The Canada - Kazakhstan game opened the last day of the Men's World League. Even though the stake of the game was the 7th place of the tournament, these teams still

Men’s World League Super Finals Day 5 – Hungary defeats Canada

The game against Canada did not seem like an easy one at first for Hungary. Their goalkeeper, Gergely Kardos was suspended and what's more is that they have previously lost against Canada in the group stage. Perhaps that loss motivated the team to give their absolute best today and overcome

Men’s World League Super Finals Day 4 – Schedule

Today marks the fourth day of the FINA Men's World League Super Finals tournament. It is no longer possible for the teams to make mistakes; their target should be to win the matches as the following rounds are based on "sudden death." With that being said, if a team loses

Men’s World League Super Finals Day 3 – Tremendous Win for Spain

Heavy rain continued in Belgrade during the Men's World League Super Finals, so the Canada-Spain match was delayed by 30 minutes starting at 7.45pm. The first quarter started off with Canada scoring two goals, including a 5-meter penalty. Then, Spain quickly equalized. Even tough the quarter ended with a score of

Men’s World League Super Finals 2019 – Japan gains impressive victory over Canada

Japan did not have an easy game yesterday against the Spanish team. They lost that match to 10-18 and now they had to face Canada, a team that was able to defeat the Hungarian national team. These two teams have met each other not so long ago, during the Inter-Continental

“Sometimes I go out of control, but I always would like to serve FTC”

It took about roughly six years to build FTC's men's waterpolo team from the ground that won the first Champions League title in the club's 120-year old history. Olympic champion Zsolt Varga's team won a championship again last year after 18 years, and during this season they were able to