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Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Canada finishes 7th, China 8th

The China - Canada match opened the last day of the Women's World League Superfinals. Both teams got to this point without a single victory in the competition and now they played for the 7th place of the table. Olivia Nagy( China kept up it's newfound strenght that they started to shows

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Australia defeats Canada

In today's second match for the chance to play for fifth place, Australia played againts Canada. After a series of unplesent games, the Canadians really wanted to prove for the audiance and mainly for themselves what they can really do. Olivia Nagy (wpnews) The first quarter showed exactly this determinations from the

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy ascends to the Semifinals

UPDATE: The last quarter of the game had to be replayed due to technical reasons. The offical final score for the game is 15-10 to Italy's favor. This of course doesn't change the lineup of the Semifinals since Italy also won the game before the replay. Italy and Canada faced each other

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Hungary wins it’s first match in the competition

In the last match of Group B the teams were racing for the 3rd place of the group. Neither Hungary nor Canada has won a game before this match. Hungary was standing without a point on the last position of the group while Canada had the 3rd place with a

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – The USA wins it’s second game

The competition's two North American teams played againts each other in the second part of the group stages. The United States already had their 3 points yesterday and they certainly came for more. Canada was only able to gain one single point in the game against Russia with that match's

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Russia wins the first match

The Russian water polo team faced off againts Canada's national team in the first match of the FINA World League Women's Superfinal's group stage. In the first two quarters of the game the teams went head to head with each other. Neither of them could create a real gap on