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The USA wins the 2019 FINA Women’s World League Superfinal

The Superfinal of 2019's FINA Water Polo Women's World League has arrived. The USA came to the arena as the defending champion of the trophy. They won five years in a row until this point and won the League twelve times overall. Italy's best result in this competition was a

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Australia defeats Canada

In today's second match for the chance to play for fifth place, Australia played againts Canada. After a series of unplesent games, the Canadians really wanted to prove for the audiance and mainly for themselves what they can really do. Olivia Nagy (wpnews) The first quarter showed exactly this determinations from the

The Hungarian Men’s National Team Lineup for Summer 2019

Considering that two major competitions (World League Super Finals and World Championships) are around the corner, Hungarian Men's National team head coach, Tamás Märcz announced the lineup of 27 members for the summer. The head coach gained experience over the year when the program developed similarly: the team was on home

Márton Vámos: Getting ready for Hannover and the World Championships

After FTC won the third round of the National League Finals series, and became back-to-back champions, we interviewed Márton Vámos to tell us how the team prepares for Hannover and how he gets ready for the FINA World Championships as a national team member. WPNews: How was the teamwork? Márton Vámos (MV):

Video: Nikolaos-Sry Papanikolaou on the World Championships

The success was twice as sweet for Nikolaos-Sry Papanikolaou at the 4th FINA World Men’s Youth Water Polo Championships, as his team, Greece won the tournament and the young Greek became the most valuable player (MVP) of the WCH. He gave an assessment about the fantastic nine days and talked

Video: Ahmed Elsapagh on the World Championships

Although the Egyptian men's youth national water polo team did not end up in the top ten of the 4th FINA World Youth Water Polo Championships, one of their players received an honourable reward. Ahmed Elsapagh was the top scorer of the tournament with 29 goals. He gave an assessment