World Championships: Women’s Prelims Day 2: South Korea’s First Ever Goal

South Korea loses to Russia in women's water polo South Korean women's water polo players encourage one another after being creamed 30-1 by Russia in their second group match against. Despite the rout, South Korea scored its precious first goal of the competition. *** As they are the host country, South Korea has

World Championships: World Record: 64-0

Attila Bíró's team started the World Championships against host South Korea. The Hungarians took the game very seriously as they needed to. Olívia Nagy (WPNews) 64-0.   It would be enough to just mention to score because there is not to much to say about the game. After the match, the Hungarian girls went

The Hungarian Men’s National Team Lineup for Summer 2019

Considering that two major competitions (World League Super Finals and World Championships) are around the corner, Hungarian Men's National team head coach, Tamás Märcz announced the lineup of 27 members for the summer. The head coach gained experience over the year when the program developed similarly: the team was on home