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Faragó Evaluated Hungary’s Performance at the Men’s World League Tournament

At the Men's World League Super Final tournament, Hungary finished 5th after beating Japan. However, the team was very disappointed in themselves right after the first match of the tournament. It was a weak start for them when Canada bet them 10-9. Now, Hungarian legend, Tamás Faragó gave an interview for

Men’s World League Super Final – Fun Facts

Now that the World League is over, we have collected some fun facts of the tournament. the top scorer was Japan's Inaba Yusuke with 26 goals. The Hungarian national team scored 73 goals, and received 61. team Spain's goalkeeper, Lopez Pinedo scored a goal for Spain that you can watch

Serbian Head Coach praises players and fans after winning the World League Super Final

After a long and exhausting battle, Serbia won the FINA Men's World League Super Final last night against Croatia. The team has earned the Olympic qualification with this victory, however the road to getting there wasn't easy. Croatia put up a good fight but luckily for Serbia, countless fans showed

Men’s World League Super Finals – Australia Secures 3rd Place

Australia and Spain met for a match for third place at the Men's World League Super Finals of 2019. Both teams played well during the Preliminary rounds, and both teams had great expectations. It was hard to determine which team could be better this time. The first half of the game

Men’s World League Super Finals – The fate of place 5th to 8th is decided

Before we go into the main event the final placement of the quarterfinal losing teams had to be decided. The Canada - Kazakhstan game opened the last day of the Men's World League. Even though the stake of the game was the 7th place of the tournament, these teams still

Men’s World League Super Finals – Semifinals – Serbia Proceeds to the Finals

Australia and Serbia met at the semifinals of the Men's World League. Today's match was very important for them as this game determines who gets into the Finals tomorrow. Serbia has won every game it had during the Super Finals, and now they are just a step closer to win

Men’s World League Super Finals Day 5 – Hungary defeats Canada

The game against Canada did not seem like an easy one at first for Hungary. Their goalkeeper, Gergely Kardos was suspended and what's more is that they have previously lost against Canada in the group stage. Perhaps that loss motivated the team to give their absolute best today and overcome