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The Croatian National Team Could Be the Best Team of 2019

Despite Italy winning the men's water polo in Gwangju, Croatia could be the "Best Team of 2019." Vanda Orosz (WPNews)   According to FINA's rating system, the Croatian team performed the best at the World Championships, wrote Totalwaterpolo that I Love Water Vízilabda also posted on its Facebook page. The points earned are

Adam Krikorian: “Our secret is having really talented players.”

After the USA's big victory in the FINA Women's World League Superfinal 2019 we ask the team's Head Coach about the secret behind their success. He told us that there is really no secret, they have talented players and they train hard for these competitions. You can see Adam Krikorian

Paige Hauschild on winning the FINA Women’s World League Superfinal 2019

Team USA won the Superfinal in this year's Women's World League series. The team was really familiar with the trophy as this was the 13th time they became gold medalists in the World League. We spoke with Paige Hauschild who was happily holding the trophy as she answered our questions.

The USA wins the 2019 FINA Women’s World League Superfinal

The Superfinal of 2019's FINA Water Polo Women's World League has arrived. The USA came to the arena as the defending champion of the trophy. They won five years in a row until this point and won the League twelve times overall. Italy's best result in this competition was a

Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Russia wins the bronze game

The bronze match of this tournament was played between the teams of the Netherlands and Russia. The teams were only teasing each other at the beginning of the game. It took a while but Russia was able to take a decent lead (1-3) after all. Things didn't look too shiney

Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Australia finishes 5th, Hungary follows

Hungary and Australia fought for the 5th place of the tournament on the last day. The first quarter went well for the hosting team, they took a two goal lead (3-1) but the Aussies were able to work down the gap a little by the end of the period (3-2). Olivia

Women’s World League Superfinals 2019 – Canada finishes 7th, China 8th

The China - Canada match opened the last day of the Women's World League Superfinals. Both teams got to this point without a single victory in the competition and now they played for the 7th place of the table. Olivia Nagy( China kept up it's newfound strenght that they started to shows

Interview with Dorottya Szilágyi on the game againts China

The host of this year's Women's World League Superfinals played againts China yeasterday for a chance to finish on the 5th place of this tournament. Hungary won in a game that got really tight in the end. We spoke with the MVP of the match, Dorottya Szilágyi about the curious

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – Italy earns it’s place in the final

The USA won the first Semifinal game, their place was a sure thing in the finale of the competition. Naturally they will need an opponent for tomorrow's game so the second Semifinal game was held in order to decide who will play againts them for the golden medal. Russia faced

Women’s World League Superfinal 2019 – The USA is first to ascend to the finale

In the first game of the Semifinals team USA played againts the Netherlands for a spot in the grand finale. The Americans brought out their best selves, as we expected it from them but the Dutch players also proved to be a worthy opponent. Olivia Nagy (wpnews) The first minutes of the