World League 2018

World League Prelims – Seven of the eight teams are set for the Europa Cup

2019 Feb 20

No favourites made mistakes in Tuesday’s round of the World League European prelims and with these results seven of the eight teams are set for the Europa Cup. Hungary (Group A), Greece, Spain (Group B), Italy, Montenegro (Group C), Serbia and Croatia (Group D) all secured their places in the Europa Cup. The only one […]

Women’s World League Prelims – The European champion wins in Hungary

2019 Feb 13

The game of the week was Hungary vs Netherlands and they did not disappoint with a great and exciting match. Group A Russia – Israel 28-5 (6-2, 6-2, 9-0, 7-1) As expected, Russia left no chance for Israel. This win means that Russia wins Group A by a landslide.  Standings (games played – points): Russia […]

World League Prelims – Hungary wins after penalties, Italy beats Montenegro

2019 Jan 29

There were two huge games in the Tuesday’s edition of the World League European Prelims and both turned out to be great. Hungary beat Germany, but only after penalties, while Italy managed to beat Montenegro with one goal. Group A Germany – Hungary 14-15 (1-2, 5-5, 4-4, 2-1, 4-5) The two sides were neck and neck […]

Women’s World League Prelims – Victories for Hungary, Russia and Italy

2019 Jan 16

With three games on Thuesday, the fifth round of Group A and the fourth round of Group B are in the books in the women’s World League European Prelims. Hungary won easily, while Russia won a high-scoring and Italy won a low-scoring game.  Group A Russia – Greece 17-13 (5-3, 5-4, 4-3, 3-3) Russia added […]

Women’s World League Prelims – Hungary beats Netherlands after penalties!

2019 Jan 12

There was only one match in the women’s World League Prelims this weekend and Hungary beat European champion Netherlands after penalties. Netherlands – Hungary 13–14 (2-4, 2-3, 2-3, 4-0, 3-4) Hungary started the game better as visitors and managed to stay on top for three quarters. Lead by Keszthelyi and Gyöngyössy the built a 4-goal lead and […]

2018 – The year in review

2018 Dec 30

The year of 2018 is (almost) over and we wanted to recap this magnificent year of water polo.  LEN Champions League 2017/2018 Olympiacos won Group A confidently with only one loss and one tie. Jug Dubrovnik, Barceloneta and Brescia finished with only one point difference from each other and they all advanced to the Final […]

Belgrade will host the Men’s World League Final8

2018 Dec 14

The hosts of the World League Final8 and the Europa Cup Final8 were announced today in Hangzhou.  FINA announced that Belgrade will host the 2019 Men’s World League Final 8 between the 18th and 23th of June. The Final8 of the Men’s Europa Cup will be held in Split between the 5th and 7th of […]

World League Prelims – Serbia beats Croatia with penalties!

2018 Dec 12

The third round of the World League European Prelims are in the books. Hungary put up 24 goals on Malta on Monday in a convincing win, while Russia, Greece, Montenegro and Spain also won fairly easily on Thuesday, but they saved the best game for last as Serbia and Croatia faced off on Wednesday in […]

Women’s World League European prelims – Italy and Russia deliver important wins

2018 Dec 03

There is a big competition in the World League prelims as the national teams try to qualify for the World League, where the winner gets a quota for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  Group A Greece – Russia 10-11 (3-5, 4-2, 2-3, 1-1) Israel – Russia 5-19 (0-5, 4-5, 1-4, 0-5) Russia played on Saturday and […]

World Leauge – Tamás Märcz announces his squad for the match against Russia

2018 Oct 30

The FINA Water Polo World League (which is also European Cup qualification) will continue on the 13th of November. Hungary has started the preliminary stages well, as they beat Germany 17-9 and the head coach will make some changes in the squad for the next game. At the next round of group A, the two […]