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Champions League: Olympiacos Earns All 3 Points

The fourth round of the Champions League continues. Today, in Szolnok, Szolnoki Dózsa hosted last year’s Champions League runner-up Olympiacos.

Szolnok scored the first goal within 40 seconds into the game; however, Olympiacos took over pretty quickly. While Szolnok showed a great performance, the Greek team was hungrier. By the end of the second quarter, Szolnok equalized to 5-5. What was surprising is that there were only a few exclusions.

The second half of the game was probably the most intense regardless the first two quarters being just as tough. Even though Szolnok still was not in the lead, they closed the gap to 7-8 in the fourth quarter. At the end, the hosts seemingly got tired, and just before the end, at about 5 seconds, they could’ve equalized. Živko Gocić, Szolnok’s head coach stated that “Olympiacos deserved the win.”

Szolnok – Olympiacos 7-8 (2-3, 3-3, 1-2, 1-0)

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