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Change in the Italian Men’s National Team

Sandro Campagna changed his national team’s line up just before the World League game against Greece.

Gonzalo Echenique cannot undertake the match against the Greeks, so he is replaced by Giacomo Cannella, who is playing well in Brescia.

The two teams will meet on 12 November in Athens at World League Preliminary round 1.

Italian team line up:

Marco Del Lungo, Giacomo Cannella, Niccolò Figari (Brescia), Michael Bodegas (Barceloneta), Luca Damonte, Vincenzo Dolce, Gianmarco Nicosia (BPM Sport Management), Matteo Aicardi, Francesco Di Fulvio, Edoardo Di Somma, Stefano Luongo, Vincenzo Renzuto, Alessandro Velotto (Pro Recco).

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