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David Martin’s Team Spain Line Up

There are nine players from Barceloneta who make up the Spanish men’s team.


Felipe Perrone

After the Portugalete games, Spanish head coach, David Martin, has announced his 13+1 line up. Well, there are no surprises in the team. In the European Championships silver medalist team, we can find as many young players as experienced ones who proved their abilities last year. The team’s key member is 33-year old Felipe Perrone, and its aspiring player is 20-year old Alvaro Granados. 

Team Spain’s men’s line up:
Alberto Munárriz, Daniel López-Pinedo, Marc Larumbe, Alejandro Bustos, Francisco Fernández, Roger Tahull, Felipe Perrone, Álvaro Granados, Blai Mallarach, Guillem Garcia, Miguel de Toro, Sergi Cabanas, Eduardo Lorrio, Alberto Barroso.