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ECH 2018 Men – For the 5th place: Montenegro vs Greece

The fifteenth day of the 33rd edition of the LEN European Water Polo Championships starts today with the last matches of the men’s tournament in Barcelona, and we will provide all the highlights and results of every game with a live streaming link. The placement game for the 5th position begins at 6:15 pm. Follow all the action of the day with Wpnews. 


Live stream link: LEN TV

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Montenegro – Greece, 6-8 (1-2, 3-3, 1-1, 1-2)

Montenegro: Dejan LAZOVIC (gk), Drasko BRGULJAN (captain), Dragan DRASKOVIC, Marko PETKOVIC (1), Duro RADOVIC (1), Aleksandar RADOVIC, Mladan JANOVIC, Bogdan DURDIC, Aleksandar IVOVIC (3), Sasa MISIC, Uros CUCKOVIC, Vladan SPAIC (1), Milos SCEPANOVIC (gk)

Greece: Konstantinos FLEGKAS (gk), Konstantinos GENIDOUNIAS, Dimitros SKOUMPAKIS (2), Dimitros NIKOLAIDIS, Ioannis FOUNTOULIS (captain), Marios KAPOTSIS, Georgios DERVISIS, Stylianos ARGYROPOULOS, Konstantinos MOURIKIS, Christodoulos KOLOMVOS (2), Alexandros GOUNAS (2), Angelos VLACHOPOULOS (2), Emmanouil ZERDEVAS (gk)

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Both sides had a slow start to the game. The defences were at their best, which resulted in the low amount of goals. The breakthrough came in the end of the 5th minute, when Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE) opened the scoring. (1-0) The Greeks responded well and took the lead with the goals of Christodoulos Kolomvos (GRE) and Dimitros Skoumpakis (GRE). (1-2)

Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE) equalised for Montenegro in the third minute of the second quarter. (2-2) The Greeks woke up and developed a 2-goal lead with only 21 seconds before halftime, but they could not keep Marko Petkovic (MNE) from scoring a buzzer beater, which reduced the deficit to only 1 goal. (4-5)

The defences continued to be excellent in the second half as well. Greece was more accurate in attacks as they had 14 shots on target throughout the match compared to the 8 of the Montenegrins. There were 2 goals equally shared during the period, which meant that there remained a 1-goal difference between the sides. (5-6)

Vladan Spaic (MNE) equalised for the “black mountain” in the beginning of the fourth minute of the last quarter, but the Greeks upped their game again and took a 2-goal lead through Angelos Vlachopoulos (GRE) and Christodoulos Kolomvos (GRE). (6-8) Those goals decided the match as the teams could not score more during the remaining minutes. Greece achieved a narrow, but confident victory and acquired the 5th place at the tournament, while Montenegro finished 6th.

Top Scorer: Aleksandar Ivovic (MNE) – 3 goals

Greece fought hard and finished at the 5th place of the tournament.


Quotes from the participants:

Vladimir Gojkovic (head coach, Montenegro) to LEN:

“Our heads just weren’t in this game the way they should have been. We had a lot of chances just not enough players in the right mood. That quarter-final match was the key. I can’t take it against them, they played a very good match against Hungary but today just wasn’t our day.”

Theodoros Vlachos (head coach, Greece) to LEN:

“After the defeat in the quarter-finals it was difficult to motivate the team. But it was the last game and we tried to win and be next after the medal games participants. This is not what we have expected. The level of water polo was great. I think the best four teams are in the medal games. The organisation was great with a lot of surprises for the water polo fans.”


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