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ECH 2018 Men – For the 7th place: Hungary vs Russia

The fifteenth day of the 33rd edition of the LEN European Water Polo Championships starts today with the last matches of the men’s tournament in Barcelona, and we will provide all the highlights and results of every game with a live streaming link. The placement game for the 7th position begins at 4:45 pm. Follow all the action of the day with Wpnews. 


Live stream link: LEN TV

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Hungary – Russia, 8-9 (1-2, 2-3, 1-3, 4-1)

Hungary: Viktor NAGY (captain) (gk), Dániel ANGYAL, Krisztián MANHERCZ, Gergő ZALÁNKI (1), Márton VÁMOS (3), Tamás MEZEI, Dávid JANSIK, Gergő KOVÁCS, Balázs ERDÉLYI (1), Bence BÁTORI (2), Krisztián BEDŐ (1), Zoltán POHL, Soma VOGEL (gk)

Russia: Petr FEDOTOV (gk), Ivan SUCHKOV (1), Stepan ANDRYUKOV (1), Nikita DEREVIAKIN, Ivan KOPTSEV, Konstantin KHARKOV (1), Daniil MERKULOV, Ivan NAGAEV (2), Igor BYCHKOV, Dmitrii KHOLOD (3), Sergey LISUNOV (captain), Roman SHEPELEV (1), Vitaly STATSENKO (gk)

For exclusive photos from the match click here, or click on the picture and enjoy the slideshow.


The encounter started with a quick exchange of goals, but there was a feeling that neither side wanted to play this game. (1-1) Both teams were sleepy in the beginning and that had an effect on the performances in attack. Roman Shepelev (RUS) took the lead for his team, which meant that the second quarter would start with a 1-goal Russian advantage. (1-2)

Russia started the second period well and developed a 2-goal lead through Dimitrii Kholod (RUS). (1-3) Hungary reacted well, they made a quick comeback with the scores of Márton Vámos( HUN) and Balázs Erdélyi (HUN). (3-3) But the Russians did not give up and restored the 2-goal advantage before halftime. (3-5) It looks like they want that 7th place more and are willing to fight for it, while the Hungarian players are just the shadows of themselves.  

The second half brought even more Russian determination. Ivan Nagaev (RUS) scored for his team to improve the lead, but Gergő Zalánki (HUN) answered right from the next attack. (4-6) Ivan Suchkov (RUS) took matters to his own hands and restored the 3-goal advantage of Russia. (4-7) The defences upped their game, which resulted in less goals, but Stepan Andryukov (RUS) was able to further improve the difference between the sides just 4 seconds before the break. (4-8)

The Hungarians showed the fighting spirit in the last quarter, which should have been in them throughout the whole match. Bence Bátori (HUN) scored two goals in quick succession to bring back the hope for the team. (6-8) The unstoppable Dimitrii Kholod (RUS) achieved his third goal of the clash, but Krisztián Bedő (HUN) reduced the deficit to 2 goals again. (7-9) Márton Vámos (HUN) converted a 5 metre penalty with 50 seconds to go, and the Hungarians even had a chance to equalise from the last attack, but Bence Bátori’s (HUN) shot hit the post. (8-9) Russia won the encounter ant finished 7th at the tournament, while Hungary had to settle with the 8th position, which is the second worst spot at the ECH in their history.

Top Scorers: Márton Vámos (HUN), Dimitrii Kholod (RUS) – 3 goals

The Russians were more determined and won the encounter.


Quotes from the participants:

Tamas Marcz (head coach, Hungary) to LEN:

“The warm-up was fine but unlike against the Montenegrins we fell behind at the beginning. We lacked the speed, we were slow in organising our attacks and late in defending. The comeback in the fourth was a positive sign but at the end we couldn’t save the match to a penalty shootout once more so it ended up in disappointment again. Before the championships I said, for this team not the final position is the important but how it plays in the matches. Our defence worked well in some matches, held some strong rivals on fewer goals than other team, but our offence was simply disastrous. I looked through the stats and our conversion of scoring chances has been horrendous throughout the entire event. In the future we have to work on this as I can’t see our defence improving significantly.”

Sergey Evstigneev (head coach, Russia) to LEN:

“This was the last game of the championships. It was important for us to conclude the Europeans well and with a victory. This is a big success. We won against Hungary, one of the top teams. It is a success to finish the competition in good spirit. I want to thank everyone and see you in two years.”


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