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ECH 2018 – Men’s Final: Serbia defended the title for the third successive time!

The fifteenth day of the 33rd edition of the LEN European Water Polo Championships starts today with the last matches of the men’s tournament in Barcelona, and we will provide all the highlights and results of every game with a live streaming link. The final begins at 10:15 pm. Follow all the action of the day with Wpnews. 


Live stream link: LEN TV

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Serbia – Spain, 12-10 (0-1, 3-3, 3-2, 1-1; Penalties: 5-3)

Serbia: Gojko PIJETKOVIC (gk), Dusan MANDIC (1), Viktor RASOVIC, Sava RANDELOVIC, Milos CUK (1), Dusko PIJETLOVIC, Nemanja VICO, Milan ALEKSIC (1), Nikola JAKSIC (1), Filip FILIPOVIC (captain), Andrija PRLAINOVIC (2), Stefan MITROVIC (1), Branislav MITROVIC (gk)

Spain: Daniel Lopez (gk), Alberto MUNARRIZ (1), Alvaro GRANADOS (1), Miguel DEL TORO (1), Marc MINGUELL (captain), Marc LARUMBE, Sergi CABANAS, Francisco FERNANDEZ, Roger TAHULL, Felipe PERRONE (2), Blai MALLARACH (2), Alejandro BUSTOS, Eduardo LORRIO (gk)

For exclusive photos from the match click here, or click on the picture and enjoy the slideshow.


The teams were nervous in the beginning of the game, which resulted in poor choices and misfired shots. We had to wait almost 5 minutes to see the first and only goal of the quarter. Blai Mallarach (ESP) capitalized on the man-up situation and scored with a smart shot from the right flank. (0-1)

The sides upped their attacking game in the second period, which resulted in 7 goals. Andrija Prlainovic (SRB) equalised for his team in the beginning, but then the Spaniards developed a 2-goal lead through the goals of Alvaro Granados (ESP) and Felipe Perrone (ESP). (1-3) Serbia fought back and levelled the scores with only 20 seconds before the halftime. (3-3) Spain did not give up and Felipe Perrone’s (ESP) buzzer beater meant, that they could go for the break with a narrow advantage. (3-4)

The third quarter started with a quick exchange of goals as Miguel Del Toro’s (ESP) opener was answered by Milos Cuk (SRB). (4-5) Then the title-holders shifted gears and scored 2 goals to take the lead for the first time in the match. (6-5) Just before the end of the period, Alberto Munarriz (ESP) produced a brilliant moment as he scored a beautiful goal with a lobbed shot from long-range. (6-6)

The goalkeepers were at their best in the last quarter as the teams tried to decide the encounter. Daniel Lopez (ESP) made unbelievable saves in the Spanish goal, which was essential for his team to stay in the game. There were only 2 goals scored as Nikola Jaksic’s (SRB) first of the match was cancelled out by Blai Mallarach’s (ESP) fine finish. (7-7) The Serbs could attack for the title in the last 16 seconds, but they could not score. The penalty shootout will decide the thrilling clash!

Penalties: 5-3

Serbia 1st: Filip Filipovic scores!

Spain 1st: Felipe Perrone scores!

Serbia 2nd: Andrija Prlainovic scores!

Spain 2nd: Alberto Munarriz scores!

Serbia 3rd: Milan Aleksic scores!

Spain 3rd: Francisco Fernandez’s shot is saved!

Serbia 4th: Dusan Mandic scores!

Spain 4th: Marc Larumbe scores!

Serbia 5th: Milos Cuk scores!

It is over! The Serbs won the penalty shootout and defended their title for the third successive time! The Spanish hosts finished at the 2nd place of the tournament.

Top Scorers: Andrija Prlainovic (SRB), Felipe Perrone (ESP), Blai Mallarach (ESP) – 2 goals


Quotes from the participants:

Milos Cuk (player, Serbia) to LEN:

“It was very difficult. I would like to congratulate my team. Spain played beyond their abilities. We had a bad start then rose and came back at the end of the third quarter. However, we didn’t endure till the end. It was a very demanding physical match. The penalties… we had luck on our side today. I am overjoyed.”

David Martin (head coach, Spain) to LEN:

“I am very proud of my team. We played against the world’s best team. We have had opportunities to win but didn’t use it. Penalties are always a gamble. My congratulations to Serbia.”


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