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ECH 2018 – Women’s Final: Netherlands wins the European Championships!

The fourteenth day of the 33rd edition of the LEN European Water Polo Championships starts today with the last matches of the women’s tournament in Barcelona, and we will provide all the highlights and results of every game among a live streaming link. The final  begins at 10:15 pm. Follow all the action of the day with Wpnews. 


Live stream link: LEN TV

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Netherlands – Greece, 6-4 (2-1, 2-2, 1-0, 1-1)

Netherlands: Laura AARTS (gk), Maud MEGENS (2), Dagmar GENEE (captain) (1), Catharina VAN DER SLOOT (2), Iris WOLVES, Nomi STOMPHORST (1), Bente ROGGE, Vivian SEVENICH, Kitty-Lynn JOUSTRA, Ilse KOOLHAAS, Rozanne VOORVELT, Brigitte SLEEKING, Debby WILLEMSZ (gk)

Greece: Chrysoula DIAMANTOPOULOU (gk), Christina TSOUKALA (2), Vasiliki DIAMANTOPOULOU, Nikoleta ELEFTHERIADOU (2), Margarita PLEVRITOU, Alkistis AVRAMIDOU, Alexandra ASIMAKI (captain), Ioanna CHYDIRIOTI, Maria PATRA, Elisavet PROTOPAPAS, Eleftheria PLEVRITOU, Eleni XENAKI, Ioanna STAMATOPOULOU (gk)

For exclusive photos from the match click here, or click on the picture and enjoy the slideshow.


The Netherlands took off to a flying start with 2 goals in the beginning with the scores of Dagmar Genee (NED) and Nomi Stomphorst (NED). (2-0) The Greeks woke up and pulled one back in the fifth minute through Nikoleta Eleftheriadou’s (GRE) goal, but the score remained the same until the first break, even though Catharina van der Sloot (NED) had a glorious chance to increase her side’s advantage. (2-1)

Christina Tsoukala (GRE) was hard to handle in the second period. She equalised twice for Greece, but each time she brought her side back on level, the Netherlanders reacted well. First it was Maud Megens (NED) who cancelled out the hard-fought goal, then Catharina van der Sloot (NED) was the key player to take back the lead for the “dames”. (4-3)

The solid defences were back again, which lead to a quarter of few goals. Maud Megens (NED) was the only goalscorer of the third period with an exquisite finish. (5-3) The star player was Laura Aarts (NED) who made 4 saves, which increased her save efficiency to a remarkable 70 percent. She has been outstanding and her contribution to the 2-goal lead of the “dames” is beyond doubt.

The two sides put everything on the line in the last quarter. They wrestled, fought hard and solidified their defences. Nikoleta Eleftheriadou (GRE) reduced the deficit to only 1 goal, but Catharina van der Sloot (NED) cancelled out her score within 10 seconds. (6-4) Both teams gave their best in the remaining 4 minutes, but the “dames” were simply better today. The Netherlanders won the clash and conquered th throne of Europe in a thrilling contest. The Greek ladies acquired the silver medal, and although they may not feel happy at the moment, they deserve the plaudits, because they gave everything they had.

Top Scorers: Maud Megens (NED), Catharina van der Sloot (NED), Christina Tsoukala (GRE), Nikoleta Eleftheriadou (GRE) – 2 goals


Quotes from the participants:

Arno Havenga (head coach, Netherlands) to LEN:

“I am very happy of course. Today was the continuation of the play and work we have shown throughout the championships and a perfect ending of the Europeans. We were concentrated. This victory and the way we achieved it was the result of that.”

Catharina van der Sloot (MVP, Netherlands) to LEN:

“This is good for us. We have lost three previous finals and finally tonight we have won. This is good for our self-confidence. I think we will celebrate this title by going to eat tapas and then partying…”

Georgios Morfesis (head coach, Greece) to LEN:

“Today we played the first top event final after six years. I am very proud of my team. This year we won the Europa Cup and now are silver medallists at the Europeans. This is a big year for us. We have made a comeback. Today Holland was better. We couldn’t find a solution in our offence. They deserved to win. Once again I want to dedicate this medal to the people of my country who are suffering from the consequences of the tragic fires. I hope this victory brings them some joy.”

Alexandra Asimaki (captain, Greece) to LEN:

“I guess… words cannot describe how disappointed we are right now. They were better from the start. We didn’t play well in attack today, we weren’t focused. I am happy and satisfied with the season we had. It is a big step forward to many things we can do in the future, in fact two steps forward all together this year. I hope we can do many great things.”


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