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Euro Cup: Pairings are Announced for the Quarterfinals

LEN announced what team would compete against each other in the Euro Cup quarterfinals. The first round will be held on 30 October and the second will be on 9 November.

Photo: Márton Lénárt  / Egri Vízilabda Klub facebook

The pairings are the following

30 October 2019 (Round 1)
AN Brescia – MVLC Miskolc
CSM Digi Oradea – CN Mataro
CC Ortigia – NC Vouliagmeni
ZF Eger – Team Strasbourg

9 November 2019 (Rematch; Round 2)
MVLC Miskolc  – AN Brescia 
CN Mataro  – CSM Digi Oradea
NC Vouliagmeni  – CC Ortigia 
Team Strasbourg  – ZF Eger 

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