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Euro League Drawing

The draw for the 2019-2020 Women’s Euro League has been announced.

The first three places will qualify for the 2nd qualification round. The mini tournament will be between 1-3 November. The Wild Cards are last year’s top 3: Spanish Sabadell, Greek Olympiacos and Vuliagmeni, and LEN Cup winner, Italian Ekipe Orizzonte. 

Women’s Euro League, Preliminary Round 1:
Group A (Rome):
SIS Roma (Italy), Kinef Kirisi (Russia), Dunaújvárosi Egyetem-Maarsk Graphics (Hungary), ZV De Zaan (Netherlands), Exiles (Malta)

Group B (Budapest):
CN St Andreu (Spain), UVSE (Hungary), Lille (France), ZVL Tetteroo (Netherlands)

Group C (Berlin):
Plebiscito Padova (Italy), BVSC-ZUGLÓ (Hungary), SG Olympia (Slovakia), Spandau04 Berlin (Germany)

Group D (Utrecht)
CN Mataro (Spain), Dynamo Uralochka (Russia), UZSC (Netherlands), FTC-TELEKOM WATERPOLO (Hungary)

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