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Euro League Women

Extended Contracts for BVSC

Two key players of the women’s club team BVSC-Zugló, Anikó Gyöngyössy and Dóra Leimeter, have extended their contracts until 2022.

“They have been with us for the past six years, and now we have extended their contracts until 2022. However, I hope they will stay longer. They are they the key members of the women’s national team, so this is great for us that will play for BVSC for the upcoming years,” said Kristóf Szatmáry, President of BVSC-Zugló at the press conference on Wednesday.

Head coach Mátyás Petrovics stated it is an important viewpoint to build the team with Hungarian players; moreover, from their very own youth teams. He added that they would like to stand on the podium on home grounds, and move up the ladder as high as possible on an international level.

Both players have been with BVSC since the 2013/2014 season. During these four years, they have played finals and become silver medalists.

“I have been here for six years, and have received received trust from Mátyás Petrovics, and have been given a professional attitude from the management. That’s why I would like to stay here. Every circumstance is given to practice professionally. Also, I would like to help the younger ones. I am very happy to play water polo here,” stated Anikó Gyöngyössy.

Dóra Leimeter have already been a BVSC player when joined the national team, so it was not a question for her whether she should extend the contract or not.

“I start my seventh year at BVSC. I gained a lot from the team, especially in the beginning of the summer. Thanks to them, I participated well at the World Championships. So it was not a question that I would sign until 2022. I would like to play well both in the local and international events,” Leimeter added.

BVSC will play at Euro League qualificaiton round 1 in Berlin at the end of October and the beginning of November. The goal is to qualify further. Their first  Hungarian apperance will in next Saturday where their opponent will be Szeged.

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