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Final 8 in Hannover

The LEN Champions League will take place from 6 June starting at 3pm to 8 June at 10:00pm UTC+02 in Hannover, Germany.

The preliminary rounds were spread across Europe in Hungary, Italy, Russia, Croatia, Germany and Greece. After intense matches, the final results are the following:

ZF Eger (Hungary) 10-16 CNA Barceloneta (Spain)
AN Brescia (Italy) 13-9 Steaua Bucharest (Romania)
Pro Recco (Italy) 21-6 VK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)
Dynamo Moscow (Russia) 11-13 FTC-Telekom (Hungary)
Jadran Split (Croatia) 15-10 Szolnoki Dózsa (Hungary)
Waspo Hannover (Germany) 14-9 HAVK Mladost (Croatia)
Olympiacos Piraeus (Greece) 11-5 BPM Sport Management (Italy)
Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia) 14-9 Spandau 04 (Germany)

This means that CNA Barceloneta, AN Brescia, Pro Recco, FTC-Telekom, Jadran Split, Waspo Hannover, Olympiacos Piraeus and Jug Dubrovnik will compete to the best of their ability to win the Champions League of Season 2018-19.