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First Goal in the Hungarian League at Age 16

Dániel Kasza looks back on his junior champion title, who has recently scored his very first goal in the A-list Hungarian League (OB I) at the age 16.

“It was an honor that at such a young age I was able to score a 5-meter penalty in OB I, let alone my first goal was against a team that has advanced to the Champions League main round,” he told 

He also says that everything is perfect around him.

“I feel great in Metalcom. Csaba Pellei and Tamás Horváth help me a ton but so do the players. I practice a lot with Viktor Vörös, and also Ivan Basara gives me several advice. I also thank my school for allowing me to let me go to practices, matches. For compensation, I always try to do my best to perform well at school competition,” he finished.

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