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Focusing on Montenegro

This weekend, the Men’s Euro Cup  final 8 will be held in Zagrab, Croatia.

The hungarian men’s waterpolo team can train together this time of which Tamas Märcz hopes will be noticed on the team’s game. Especially, because after the club season some of them got a longer break right before joining the team. During their training they will analyzing those goal-risky  situations they need to pay attention to, and they’re goint to try some new rules during this weekend as well.

Olivia Nagy (wpnews)

Right now, Hungary ’s focusing on their game against Montenegro – and this won’t be an easy ride thanks for some returning Montenegrin players. Despite of these, the Hungarians are hopeful and they leave to Zagreb with 100% effort.

If Hungary wins on Friday, then they will meet the winner of the Italian-Russian match. For sure, the best three teams can get in next to the participant home team Serbia and the winner of the tournament in Belgrade is the one that will earn its participation in Tokio.

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Euro Cup final 8 Program:


Hungary – Montenegro 15:00

Spain – Serbia 16:45

Italy – Russia 18:30

Greece – Croatia 20:15



for the 5th-8th places  15:00 and 16:45

Semi final: 18:30 and 20:15



for the 7th place 15:00

for the 5th place 16:45

bronze match 18:30

final game 20:15

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