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Champions League Final 8 Day 1 – FTC Gets into the Semifinals

This afternoon at 4pm the LEN Champions League Final 8 started with Hungary’s FTC and Croatia’s Jug Dubrovnik. FTC got into the Semifinals of the LEN Champions League Final 8 after defeating Jug Dubrovnik 10-9.

What seemed a tough game was actually tougher. Jug’s average age is about 23.7 years, which means they are full of energy and power. On the other hand, FTC is a team that contains more experienced players – European, World and Olympic champions.

It was an awesome start for FTC. They scored their first goal by Serbian Stefan Mitrovic right after the first offense. Then, the second goal was by Tamás Mezei. FTC earned their third goal when Aaron Younger shot the net. Jug Dubrovnik’s head coach, Vjekoslav Kobescak asked for a time out.

Vanda Orosz (WPNews)

Jug Dubrovnik shot their first goal with Alexandros Papanastasiou in the middle of the first quarter. With Loren Fatovic’s 5-meter penalty shot there could have been a chance to equalize, but FTC’s goalkeeper, Soma Vogel (loved by many FTC fans) got the ball. Next, during another offense, he did not miss the net. On the other side, Dénes Varga scored another goals with a low shot to the lower left corner. Márton Vámos scored another shot for FTC, finishing the first quarter 5-3.

The second quarter was tougher. Javie García Gadea scored a goal for Jug, creating a 1-goal difference (5-4). However, with Mitrovic, FTC was leading by 2 scores again (6-4). The next 2 goals were for FTC once again by Márk Kállay and Márton Vámos. One minute before the break, Croatia’s Fatovic score for Jug. The goal difference was 3 (8-5). 

Vanda Orosz (WPNews)

The third quarter was in FTC’s favor. They had a lot of extra player shot possibilities which they lived with. With Nicola Jaksic’s goal, the goal difference was then 4. One minute before the break, the Croatians closed the goal difference a little, but Dénes Varga’s 5-meter penalty was successful (10-6).

As the third quarter was more befinicial for FTC, the last quarter was better for Jug. The Croatian team started the quarter with 2 goals; the Hungarian team seemed a little easy-going. 48 seconds before the game ended, Fatovic scored another goal for the Jugs, while Younger fought for an exclusion that lead to running out of time.

FTC-Telekom Waterpolo – Jug Dubrovnik 10-9 (5-3, 3-2, 2-1, 0-3)


CNA Barceloneta bet BPM Sport Management 12-7, so FTC will play against them tomorrow, 7 June at 7pm UTC+2.

CNA Barceloneta – BPM 12-7 (2-1, 4-1, 3-3, 3-2)