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Head Coach Balázs Vincze on Hungary U15 Winning the European Championships

The Hungarian U15 team won the gold medal in Burgas, Bulgaria at the LEN Men’s U15 European Championships. Today in the morning, the team arrived to Budapest Airport where we got to welcome back and congratulate the boys. We have also conducted an interview with head coach Balázs Vincze.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

WPNews: Congratulations on the win. Could you summarize this past week? How was the adventure?
Balázs Vincze (BV): Yes, our road to the gold medal was adventurous because when we heard what group we had been categorized into, we prepared for the Croatian match. We knew the team very well because we had training camps together, and we also met at two practice tournaments as well.

WPNews: How was the match against Croatia?
BV: We wanted to finish the preliminary rounds in the first place because that way we would get the Serbian team only in the Finals. This almost worked out, but in the last second of the match, Croatia scored a goal from half pool, so we met with Serbia earlier than expected. Post factum, I think that Serbian match was an early final of this European Championships. 

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

WPNews: Overall, how were you able to stay concentrated during the week?
BV: Our job was to keep up not only our hope, because we had it, but our concentration. This was unfortunately not working well in the first match against Italy. We finished the first quarter 0-2. Then, we picked the guys up and from then on, everything turned out be a path to the Gold medal.

WPNews: So the boys were in a great mood during the entire tournament, weren’t they?
BV: Yes, but of course, that last-second goal from Croatia was really hard on us, especially me. It was hard to let it go, but luckily, my two colleagues, Szilárd Derekas and Csaba Kiss who did not let me get sad, and that we have jobs to solve.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

WPNews: What’s happening to the boys now? A little rest for now and start trainings again soon?
BV: Now the national team season is over, and everybody is going to have a rest, or is preparing for next season at their own clubs. This all depends on how many days of rest they get.

WPNews: Thank you for the interview, and congratulations again.
BV: Thank you!

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