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Hungarian Cup: FTC and OSC Reached the Final

The favourites could win their games in the semifinals, FTC defeated Szolnoki Dózsa, OSC sunk Miskolc so the two teams of the capital will play the final on Sunday.

In the first game’s first minute Bátori Bence didn’t scored his penalty on FTC-Szolnok. The Greens had advantage quickly Giannis Fountoulis and Dénes Varga scored they got a 2-0 lead after three minutes. After that they didn’t stop till 5-0 lead, as Fountoulis and Márton Vámos were successful from five meters in the remainder, while Gergő Zalánki came in with a huge bomb.

In the half time was 8-1 but after the turn something was change. The goalkeeper of FTC Soma Vogel presented a beautiful defense, which was already eighth out of nine shots. That’s 89% defense efficiency, after which Zsolt Varga thanked him for his work that day and sent András Gárdonyi to replace him. For the next six minutes FTC simply couldn’t carry out any attack, as the referees continually denounced their centers. Szolnok was able to turn the game around for his own advantage and scored four goals in the line, moving from 9-1 to 9-5 at the end of the third quarter. Although FTC did’nt win 11 goals this time, like three weeks ago in the league, they were still in control and defeated Szolnok 13-8 in the semi-finals of the Hungarian Cup.

In the other game OSC played against Miskolc who tried to surprise the Capitals. Miskolc came with the new head coach, former second coach István Kis and they had the lead but OSC managed the defence better egy could turn to 5-1, led by Krisztián Manhercz and Andrija Prlainovics and by the goalkeeper Braniszlav Mitrovics. The Borsodians came back to 5-4, but Balázs Erdélyi made a double (one in the last minute of the second quarter, one in the first minute of the third), Erik Bundschuh’s second hit and four more. Miskolc fought, but the OSC controlled the match and won it. So FTC-Telekom and OSC reached the final of Sunday.

Hungarian Cup, semifinals
FTC-Telekom – Szolnoki Dózsa 13-8 (5-0, 3-1, 1-4, 4-3)
OSC – Miskolc 11-9 (3-1, 3-3, 3-1, 2-4)

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