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Hungarian Cup series will end in September



The interrupted Hungarian Cup series will end in September, and the Hungarian championship will start at the end of next week, as planned.

The men’s Hungarian Cup series will end between September 9 and 20, the presidency of the Hungarian Water Polo Association decided on Wednesday.

The new league season will begin at the end of next week, the association reportedly received already a postponement request: the first-round FTC-Vasas match will be held later.

The association said they cooperate closely with the Semmelweis University to provide help to the clubs regarding the Covid virus tests. As the leadership of the association is strongly committed to the implementation of the planned programs, it is really important to have healthy players. The continuation of the Hungarian Cup would take place according to the original program, so it would take a day and a half, as the morning matches were still being played when the tournament series was interrupted.

First day:

16.30 FTC Masters-Oázis Masters
17.15 Millennium Masters-OSC Masters

19.00 FTC-Vasas – Hajós   (semifinal)
20.15 OSC-Szolnok – Hajós   (semifinal)


Second day:

10.00 Kaposvár-KSI – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 13-14th place)
10.00 Tatabánya-Debrecen – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 15-16th place)
11.30 Szentes-Szeged – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 9-10th place)
11.30 UVSE-Pécs – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 11-12th place)
13.00 Honvéd-BVSC – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 5-6th place)
13.00 Eger-Miskolc – Hajós vagy Széchy ( 7-8th place)

17.30 – Hajós (bronze match)

Commemoration of Tibor Benedek.
18.50 – Hajós (final)


The “Waterpolo Masters Cup” program, organized as an additional event of the tournament, is supposed to be at:

20.45 Bronze Match
21.30 Final


Hungarian National League 

As for next week’s league start, both UVSE and Szentes have officially requested a postponement of their match for the first two rounds. Players in both clubs will expire their quarantine period on August 26, and the professional management clearly believes they will need a two-week training period to get into the water.




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