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Hungarian Federation: Attila Vári Stays President for Four More Years

The Hungarian Water Polo Federation voted for Attila Vári to stay the president for four (4) more years.

Thank you for your trust. This shows that the water polo family is united and strong.

He also stated that this is an honor for him, and he believes that this is also a recognition of his work.

We are over a productive period. This year’s main challenge was preparing for the European Championships which was successful because the national teams performed well and the European Federation (LEN) also graded it as the best so far.

The Vice Presidents are Norbert Madaras and Tamás Molnár while Biros Péter, Tamás Boros, Tamás Dala, Tamás Faragó, István Gergely, Tamás Hoffmann, István Kovács, Gergely Lukács, József Magyar, Zoltán Nyíri, Bulcsú Székely and Sándor Tóth are chairmen.

Cover photo: Zsolt Szigetváry (MTI)

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