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Hungarian League: FTC Remains Flawless

The titleholder FTC opened Round 12 in the Hungarian League this weekend with a confident victory against Debrecen. The Serbian Jaksic and the Hungarian Varga scored 5-5 times.

The head coach of FTC Zsolt Varga continued the rotation and give a little rest for couple of European Champions against Debrecen: Szilárd Jansik, Giannis Fountoulis, Zoltán Pohl, Soma Vogel and Gergő Zalánki left the team, but Nikola Jaksic and Dénes Varga returned. The Serbian class was so steep that he scored Fradi’s first four hits (4-0). Nicolas Constantin-Bicari nailed the lead with a 6-2 lead to close out the first half and then, after two quick hits in Debrecen (6-4), produced a 6-0 lead. The visitors changed goalkeeper for the third quarter, but after Soma Kósik Péter Somorjai had no chance against Varga, who had a brilliant shooting technique and also scored five goals.

Márton Vámos, Aaron Younger and a few CL winners were given less play time this time, as the professional team gave young people a chance. In fact, within two weeks, the second youngster could introduce himself to the adults, as after Benedek Vass’s debut against Pécs, Márk Spitz played for the first time in the big team against Debrecen.

Hungarian League, Round 12
FTC – Debrecen 16-7 (6-2, 4-2, 5-1, 1-2)

Final Ranking

Hungarian League Group A


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