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Hungarian Men’s National Team Press Conference – BENU Cup

The Hungarian men’s national team is preparing for the World Championships, and their last matches before the big event will be at BENU Cup.

Attila Vári, President of the Hungarian Water Polo Federation (MVLSZ), said at the press conference today, 28 June, that this tournament is a crucial event for the team. The opponents will be France, the Netherlands and Greece. He emphasized that “it is important that at this tournament we play well because the Greek team has shown some great improvement and power recently, and we might meet with them some time at the World Championships.” He also added that their goal is to earn entry to the Tokyo Olympics as soon as possible. “There are opportunities for this. First, the World Championships, then the European Championships here in Budapest, and also a qualifying event,” he added.

Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

Dr. János Zlinszky, member of the board of directors of BENU Magyarország Zrt., mentioned that this is the fourth year that BENU is sponsoring the team, and now decided not only to sponsor them financially, but also providing the best supplements on the European market right now. At the press conference, Attila Vári and team captain Dénes Varga were the first ones to receive a box of this supplement. BENU Magyarország Zrt. is hoping to provide the members the supplements soon.

Then, head coach Tamás Märcz indicated that, compared to previous years, the line up is now of 27 members. “Fifteen players went to Belgrade for the World League, where playing fourth was a realistic goal,” he said. However, he is not disappointed whatsoever that they could not make into the Final 4. He continued that 5 members from the World League team joined the 12 members who stayed at home preparing for South Korea. 13 of them will fly to Japan first for a camp as the last stop before the World Champs. “Previously there were 13 members at the BENU Cup that then traveled to the World or the European Championships. Now, we do not have the 13 players just yet,” the head coach noted, who says the goal right now is to bring the players to the right physical level. “I’m sure that the guys will not play their best, but this tournament will help gain confidence, form a team, and that we will be combat worthy,” emphasized Märcz.


Olívia Nagy (WPNews)

Team captain Dénes Varga said that it is a good order that they will play with a medium, then a weaker and finally the stronger team. “It was a good decision to go to the World League with the other members because this way we did not grind ourselves completely.” He then summarized in our interview how well the team is prepared for the World Championships. “I’m not sure if we are at the top because we had physical trainings, and we all have pain in our arms and legs.” However, they hope BENU Cup will “serve a good purpose,” and they can measure themselves with highly qualified teams such as Greece.

Schedule of the BENU Cup:
Greece – Netherlands 16:30
Hungary – France 19:30

Greece – France 16:00
Hungary – Netherlands 19:30

Netherlands – France 16:00
Hungary – Greece 19:30


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