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Hungary is Preparing for the Olympics as It Will Be Held

Four and a half month before the start of the 2020 Summer Olympics, Krisztián Kulcsár, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) states he, just like IOC, supports the Games’ original date (24 July to 9 August).

The former fencer (smallsword/épée) said that he would say the same if he still played professionally.

The preparation is a well-planned process, so postponing the event by weeks, months is professionally incorrect and difficult to accomplish.

However, he also added that there are athletes who are at disadvantage right now, but MOB’s most important task is to ensure the continuous and high-level preparation for them.

Every representative of the Olympic family, the IOC, the federations, the Tokyo Organizing Committee and the national Olympic committees stand by holding the event as originally planned.

There were several video conferences where it was discussed what the criteria are to hold the summer event.

The representatives of the national Olympic committees each voted by name after the consultation with IOC President Thomas Bach, and ICO’s proposal received a 100% support.

Mr. Kulcsár also added that there are couple of months left until the event, and experts say there is no need to make any drastic changes right now.

Every athlete, coach and we also thing that the Games start on 24 July in Tokyo where we come back from on the 10th of August.

Regarding the canceled/postponed qualification tournaments by the current epidemic, he said that the most important elements of the agreement between the international sports federations is that the already earned quotas stay intact.

Postponing an Olympics is not like canceling a wedding. That’s why it has never happened before. There was one time when the Games were canceled, but after World War II, on London’s ruins it was held in 1948. This tells everything about IOC’s position in leadership at that time.

However, he did say that things can change, and in IOC’s system of criteria, the protection of human health is in first place.

As known, Hungary’s men’s team earned their quota with winning the European Championships in January. The women’s team will have to play the last qualifier which is planned to be played at the end of May.

Cover photo: Tibor Illyés (MTI)

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