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Hungary U15 Team is the European Champion

The Hungarian U15 men’s national team won the European Champion title after a 15-9 win against Montenegro in Burgas, Bulgaria. 

Photo: Tamás Cs. Kovács

Five victories and one loss. The U15 team’s road to the Gold medal.

The match started really well.  Right from the start, Hungary was leading against Montenegro 5-0. In the second quarter, the score was already 9-1, and the by half-time the result was 9-2. During the third quarter, Montenegro scored 3 goals in a row, but after a Hungarian time out, the quarter finished with an 11-6. The last period was also in Hungary’s favor. 13-7 was the score after Ákos Nagy earned his sixth goal. The final score of the game was 15-9 which meant that team Hungary U15 became European Champions. 

Ákos Nagy became the top scorer of the week-long tournament; he scored a total of 26 goals.


Photo: Tamás Cs. Kovács 

Road to the Gold

Preliminary Rounds
–Slovakia 20-6
–Croatia 8-9
–Romania 13-4
Top 8 (Eightfinals)
–Russia 11-5
–Szerbia 12-11
–Italy 8-6
–Montenegro 15-9

Photo: Tamás Cs. Kovács

Other results
3rd place
Italy-Greece 9-8
5th place 
Serbia-Gerogia 12-3
7th place
Spain-Croatia 9-7
9th place
Russia-Slovakia 14-8
11th place
Slovenia-Turkey 11-5
13th place
Romania-Bulgaria 18-8
15th place
Netherlands-Belarus 15-5

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