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Jug Dubrovnik is Croatia’s Champion!

The 2018/19 Croatian Water Polo League concluded over the past weekend with the 3rd leg of the final series between the two regional powerhouses VK Jug CO from Dubrovnik and HAVK Mladost Zagreb. In Round 3 of the finals, Jug Dubrovnik bet HAVK Mladost 14:11 in Zagreb. With a total of 3:0 wins,  Jug Dubrovnik is Croatia’s champion for the fourth time in a row!

Ronald Goršić/Cropix

HAVK Mladost and Jug Dubrovnik also met the South Slavic Championship’s finals where Mladost was the better team.

Jug defended their champion title for the fourth time in a row, making it their 15th Croatian championship title in total. They went head-to-head and managed to pay back their loss in the previous cup finale against their biggest rivals, securing their overall 64th trophy.

Mladen Rak

Final result: HAVK Mladost – Jug CO 0:3

Round 1: HAVK Mladost 4:10 Jug CO
Round 2: Jug CO 10:9 HAVK Mladost
Round 3: HAVK Mladost 11:14 Jug CO (3-4, 4-2, 3-5, 1-3)