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Krisztián Manhercz Stays with OSC

European champion Krisztián Manhercz received offers from two clubs: Szolnok and his current club OSC. Although he received a great offer from Szolnok, Manhercz decided to continue his career at OSC where he has been a part of the team since 2018.

Both clubs have great plans for the upcoming years. I’ve talked with my OSC and national team players, and although it was a tough decision, I decided to say at Kondorosi (OSC – the editor). I was lucky that I had two options to choose from. Small things were the deciders.

Manhercz added that before his final decision, he had a conversation with OSC’s new head coach, European and Olympic champion Dániel Varga. This final decision prolongs his contract by one year.

In addition, the Hungarian Water Polo Federation will have a meeting on 11 May to discuss the remaining club season, while the national teams could start training on Wednesday.

I’venever been this happy about finally being able to jump into the cold water. I’ve never believed it. We also miss it because we do have ground training, but it’s completely different from water trainings. Finally we can swim, play polo. Finally something different is happening.

He hopes to start the training sessions really soon, and would like to continue with the Champions League tournament series as well. However, of course, being/staying healthy is more important to him as well.

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