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LEN Men’s European U15 Championships: Day 2

Today, the second day of the U15 Championships has ended.

Belarus and Slovenia were the first ones to complete. Slovenia won against the Belarusian team 14-9.

Then, Slovakia beat Romania in a close match of 6-5.

The Netherlands and Russia also had a tight game of 12-10 for Russia.

Italy’s playing against Georgia was a piece of cake, winning 12-8.

Hungary lost to Croatia by a half pool goal. Watch the video below (action starts at 00:55).


Bulgaria could not catch up to Turkey. Turkey – Bulgaria 17-7.

Serbia and Montenegro competed, and the match was an easy one for the Serbian team with a final score of 14-9.

Tomorrow’s schedule, 23 July (local time):

9:00 Preliminary Group B Greece – Turkey
10:30 Preliminary Group D Serbia – Belarus
12:00 Preliminary Group A Croatia – Slovakia
13:30 Preliminary Group D Montenegro – Slovenia
15:00 Preliminary Group C Georgia – Netherlands
16:30 Preliminary Group C Italy – Russia
19:00 Preliminary Group B Spain – Bulgaria
20:30 Preliminary Group A Hungary – Romania

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