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LEN Men’s European U15 Championships

Between 21 and 28 of June, Bulgaria will host the the first championships of the Men’s U15 series. In Burgas, there are 16 European teams compete for the European Champion title.

At the end of March, 22 U15 teams competed in four major European cities (Nice, Koper, Podgorica and Tbilisi) to get into the Bulgarian competition starting today. For example, Tamás Varga and Zsombor Nádor’s team of Hungary, in Podgorica, played matches with host Montenegro, Moldavia, Italy and Turkey. Hungary won every round, and qualified themselves for this European Championships.

The schedule for Day 1.

Preliminary Round
Group A:
 Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania
Group B: Spain, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria
Group C: Italy, Georgia, Netherlands, Russia
Group D: Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Belarus

21 July 9:00 Hungary – Slovakia
10:30 Croatia – Romania
12:00 Serbia – Slovenia
13:30 Spain – Turkey
15:00 Montenegro – Belarus
16:30 Georgia – Russia
19:00 Greece – Bulgaria
20:30 Italy – Netherlands


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