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LEN Women’s European U15 Championships – Day 4

The summer season is full of water polo events happening simultaneously.

Along with Universiade, the U15 Women’s European Championships is also going on where the the girls are performing well.

Today, the first teams were Serbia and Croatia. Croatia won tremendously with a final score of 7-16.

Next up was Hungary against Israel where the Hungarians took the lead and finished the game with 17-6.

France then played with Slovakia. The end result was 12-10 for France. The score shows that both teams were equally great.

The last game today was between Italy and the Czech Republic. The Italians made sure to have a goal difference as big as possible, but Team Czech Republic kept their heads up and played through the entire game. The final score is 26-1 for Italy.

The Ranking Matches are now over, and here is the schedule for tomorrow, 11 July:

11:00 Semifinals 9-12 Serbia – Slovakia
12:30 Semifinals 9-12 Israel – Czech Republic
14:00 Quarterfinals Croatia – Greece
15:30 Quarterfinals Hungary – Netherlands
17:00 Quarterfinals Italy – Spain
18:30 Quarterfinals France – Russia