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LEN Women’s European U15 Championships – Day 5

Today, the girls continued their performance in Kirishi, Russia at the LEN Women’s U15 European Championships.

In the Semifinals 9-12th place, Serbia and Slovakia met first. Slovakia beat Serbia 3-14.

The second Semifinal 9-12th place match was between Israel and the Czech Republic where Israel won 11-5.

Then, the third match and first Quarterfinal match was between Croatia and Greece. Team Croatia was fighting, but Greece won 18-7.

At 3:30pm (15:30), Hungary lost to the Netherlands by a goal, 10-11.

Next up was Italy against Spain. Italy played well, but Spain was able to overcome Spain and finished the game with 16-11.

Lastly, France and host Russia met. Russia played well, leading the match through in its entirety, and ended the game 40-2.

Schedule for 12 July:

14:00 Final 11-12th Place Serbia – Czech Republic
15:30 Final 9-10th Place Slovakia – Israel
17:00 Semifinals 5-8th Place Croatia – France
18:30 Semifinals 5-8th Place Hungary – Italy